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All The Way Live

This versatile 400 sq. ft. video recording space with 9 ft. ceilings offers a unique setting for any music, corporate, TV or film project. We have a 3 ton lighting and grip package suitable for various sized projects at your fingertips. We also have an exterior filming space for a ‘breath of fresh air’ exposure. Our skilled technicians have the experience to enhance your production. Whether it’s a short film, a corporate interview or a full length feature film, we have the tools and abilities to make it happen.

Tungsten Lights

2x Mole-Richardson 2k 2x Mole-Richardson 1k 2x Mole-Richardson 650w Tweenie
4x LTM 420w Pepper 2x LTM 200w Pepper
2x Arri 150w w/snoots
Source Four 750w w/19 & 36 degree barrels, gobo holder, and iris
Mole-Richardson Zip 2k w/crate Mole-Richardson Zip 1k baby w/crate
100w stick-up kit

Fluorescent Lights

2x Kino Flo 4’ 4 bulb w/ fixture(s), ballast(s), head cable(s), and mounting plate(s)
Kino Flo 2’ 4 bulb w/ fixture, ballast, head cable, and mounting plate
Kino Flo BarFly 200 w/ ballast, mounting plate
*All Kino fixtures have both Tungsten and daylight bulbs

Lighting Accessories

2x 2k Variac
15x Extension Cord 25’ 15x Extension Cord 50’
150’ JOY cable
150’ 3 wire
T-Towers and Disconnects
5500w Generator

Grip/Light Stands

2x Matthews Medium Boy overhead rolling
2x Matthews 2k/750 Combi Reflector 2 riser 2x 3 riser
6x Matthews 750 Beefy 3 riser 4x 2 riser
2x Matthews 750 Beefy Low
20x Matthews 40” C-Stand w/ head and arm
2x Matthews 20” C-Stand w/ head and small arm

Grips Flags & Fabrics

4x 18×24 Solid 2x Single Net 2x Double Net 2x Silk 2x Open Frame
4x 2×3 Solid 2x Single Net 2x Double Net 2x Silk 4x Open Frame

Silver Reflector 4×4
3x 4×4 Floppy Solid 3x 4×4 Solid
2x 4×4 Single Net 2x 4×4 Double Net 2x 4×4 Silk
4x 4×4 Open Frame round tube
Meat Axe 24×72
Baby Meat Axe 18×48

Solid 8×8 Single Net 8×8 Double Net 8×8 Silk 8×8
Griffolyn 8×8
Frame w/ears and corners 8×8

Solid 12×12 Single Net Double Net Silk Griffolyn
Speedrail frame- 6’ pieces w/ears and corners 12×12

Grip Hardware & Accessories

4x Gobo Heads 2 ½”
4x Short Arms
2x Grip Head Lollipops 4 ½”
2x C-Clamp 6”
2x Bar Clamps 12” 2x Bar Clamps 18”
4x Bar Clamp Studs
2x 750 Pidgeon 3”
8x 750 Pipe Clamp
750 Offset Arm
4x 750 Scissor Clip
750 Triple Header
4x 750/2k Stud Adaptor
2x Pidgeon 2k
4x Pipe Clamp 2k
Offset Arm 2k
2x Chain Vice Grips w/studs
C-Boom Clamp
15x Sand Bags
2x Shot Bags
30x Spring Clips
Box of Wedges
Fiberglass Ladder 4’
Fiberglass Ladder 6’
6x Full Apple Box 6x ½ Apple Box 6x ¼ Apple Box
2x Sound Blankets
250 Diffusion Gel
216 Diffusion Gel
Opal Gel
¼ CTB Gel ½ CTB Gel
½ CTO Gel
¼ CTO Gel ⅛ CTO Gel
½ Minus Green Gel
Industrial Vapor Gel
Full CTO Gel
ND 6 Gel ND 9 Gel

Camera Support

American Doorway Dolly
2x Push Bar
Pull Bar
2x Side Boards